vollkeramische Restaurationen

Highly aesthetic restorations

Fixed dentures and all-ceramic restorations

Fixed dentures are manufactured in the laboratory. This is a restoration of teeth and gaps by means of crowns, bridges, inlays and / or partial crowns.

The materials for the dental restoration are individually selected and can be very varied from high-gold alloys to zirconia to pressed all-ceramic.

With fixed dentures you get aesthetically perfect and biocompatible results for your radiant smile. The colors are perfectly matched by the laboratory so that they resemble the natural teeth in form and color.


Veneers are ceramic veneers, which are attached to the outer surface of your teeth using a special adhesive technique. Veneers, the dental technician in the laboratory is the perfect match for the individual case of treatment in terms of shape and color.
Veneers are extremely gentle on the teeth and can be used to solve many treatment situations with a perfect result:
  • Restoration of the management function in the worn dentition
  • Improvement of the anterior aesthetics
  • Close tooth gaps
  • Align sloping teeth in the row of teeth again
  • remove dark discolorations
  • Close accident-related fractures
Veneers offer us the opportunity to realize a perfect result with a minimally invasive preparation technique.


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Emergency Service

Often toothache occurs surprisingly and very violently. If you are affected by this outside our opening hours hours, you can call on a dental emergency service at weekends or at night.

On weekdays this offers the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe, Moltkestraße 120, 76187 Karlsruhe, Telephone: 0721/9742222 (emergency room).

On weekends and public holidays, dentists in private practice provide emergency services.

Information on current emergency services can be found HERE


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